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Dieffenbachia Hybrid

Dieffenbachia Hybrid

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Dieffenbachia Hybrid or Leopard Lily,

2 FEET - with Concrete Planter

a fast growing low maintenance plant, popular with interior designers for their colorful large leaves. It flaunts its lush green leaves which are literally stroked with a painter’s brush in creamy-white variegation. The leaf grains of Dieffenbachia will add color and texture to your interior without flowers. It is a good choice for tight, out of reach spaces in your home. Leopard lily will grow upto 3 to 6 feet with leaves upto 10 to 12 inches wide, if provided with ideal conditions. This air purifying plant has a toxic sap which can cause the tongue to swell if swallowed, giving it the name “Dumb Cane”. It should be kept away from pets and children.

Bright indirect light

Water once a week

Toxic if ingested

Require 40%-60% humidity


Feed monthly in the growing season

Repot after 1 year



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