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Urban Jungle Dept.

Handheld Multi-Purpose Pump Sprayer

Handheld Multi-Purpose Pump Sprayer

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Urban Jungle Dept. Handheld Multi-Purpose Pump Sprayer

Handheld Multi-Purpose Sprayer is ideal for weed control, pest control, fertilizing and watering plants, and non-harsh cleaners. This sprayer comes pre-assembled with no tools required. It features a comfortable thumb trigger with a locking option for continuous spraying, a translucent tank to easily view liquid level, a comfortable pump handle that makes pressurizing the sprayer easy, and an adjustable stream to mist nozzle.

  • Easily view liquid level and avoid over-filling with translucent tank
  • Spot spray or cover a larger area with the stream to mist nozzle
  • Spray continuously with lock-on thumb trigger
  • Comfortable pump handle to pressurize quickly and easily
  • Ideal for pest control, lawn and garden use, and non harsh chemical household cleaners
  • Made in the USA with global components
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