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Yemz Plant Food

Natural Plant Food

Natural Plant Food

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Natural Plant Food -  YEMZ PLANT FOOD

Nourish your plants with this specially-formulated organic liquid plant food. Our Boost Vitaminé is made with potent nutrients from nature to help your plants grow and thrive all year long.


How To Use: Shake before use to blend plant food. Dilute 1 dropper of Boost Vitaminé per 1 liter of water as part of your normal watering routine. During spring and summer, fertilize no more than once every two weeks, and in fall and winter, limit to once a month.

Ingredients: deep sea phosphates, ocean bed derived potassium salts, activated urea.

This product is free of coloring, artificial fragrance, preservatives, and chemical additives

Made in USA

Contents: 4OZ. / 118ML

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