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Sago Palm Tree

Sago Palm Tree

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Sago Palm Tree with Concrete Terrazzo Planter


Sago Palms are surprisingly low maintenance. Whether you plant your Sago in your yard or you use it as a houseplant, you will love how easy this tropical plant is to grow. Sago Palms are even deer, pest, and disease resistant.

A crown of stiff, feathery leaves sits atop a chubby, textured, brown trunk. The leaves are deep green and shiny. This tree has an attractive, symmetrical form.

This palm-like tree is slow-growing and has a long life expectancy. While Sago Palms can reach heights over 10 feet this can take many years. These tend to widen more than grow in height so they often function more like a shrub than a tree in the landscape.

Sago Palms grow in full sun to part shade. Once established, your Sago is drought tolerant. Add our balanced, slow-release fertilizer when planting and in early spring for best results. Sago Palms are hardy in zones 8-11. Cooler climates can plant in containers and move them inside in the winter to enjoy them year after year.

Sago Palms are great indoor plants as well.



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